JK Werner

Welcome to my blog.   I am an PM, BA and Agile coach at ThoughtWorks.  I occasionally write about process or analysis practices that I find useful.  I’m currently thinking a lot on how to help others adopt agile.  Outside of work, I’m an avid Arsenal fan and dabble in close-up magic.  I am passionate about good food and write a bit more frequently about what I’m doing in the kitchen here.  I can be found on twitter (@jkwerner2)

  1. Edward Brown
    April 22, 2014 at 22:12

    Hi JK,
    I really like the way you think-especially about stories. I have been a big fan of Jeff Patton for years and last year I was fortunate to have Thoughtworks onsite to teach a class on inception, the fruit game, and general consulting.

    Please keep writing!

    The only thing I would add is that

    As a view I want to change channels without being in reach of the tv by using my remote control works as story if the design team met on it and decided that using the remote was the way to accomplish changing the channels. Also, changing the channels is a task not a benefit or goal.

    How about this:
    As someone who snacks a lot on greasy food while watching tv I want a way of changing the channel without getting my tv or remote control greasy.

    As a lazy couch potato, I want the ability to change the channel on my tv without getting up so that I can stay comfortable on the couch.

    Still task first and value second so we can switch it:

    As a lazy couch potato I hate getting up to change the channel every time a commercial comes on…I wish there were some way to change the channel without having to get up

    Actually, this is more likely to come out during contextual inquiry or interview….

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