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increasing the pull when walking the wall

A while ago while consulting a day a week at a previous client, I was discussing some of the problems the team was having when trying to walk the card wall.  They were struggling to get beyond just a status update of the card.  We bounced a few ideas around and settled on changing the facilitator as you moved right to left.  The idea was simply that the person who wanted to work on the card should be the one leading the discussion.  I took this back to my other project and asked them to be guinea pigs.  ,


For illustration purpose, consider a project with swim lanes of:  Ready for Analysis, In Analysis, Ready for Dev, In Dev, Ready for Testing, In Test, Done.


As normal we would be starting from the right, looking to pull the stories to completion. 

Swim Lane
In Test Stakeholder (or proxy)
Ready for Test QA
In Development QA
Ready for Development Dev
In Analsys Dev
Ready for Analysis BA


I was amazed with the change.  The questions became focused on the facilitator wanting to work on the story and the discussion became much more focused on what needed to be done to progress the work.  It also increased the collaboration between functions in the team as QAs were looking to help developers finish coding and Developers were looking to help BAs finish narratives.

  1. November 27, 2012 at 05:51

    Great thought. Would try this out on a project.

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